Tote Bag

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This handbag is made of 100% Recycled Rubber on the outside, and a sturdy denim on the inside.

The strap is made of a segmented rubber scubs, and the lenght can be adjusted a few centimeters.

The zippers are waterproof, and decorated with a little thrishel of white brass.

In the inside of the bag, there is a smaller extra pocket with a zipper, and a secret pocket, wich we reveal to you after purchase.

At the front part of the bag you find a little waterproof pocket, big enough for your passport and bankcards, lined with a special RFID blocking material where your bankcards can't be scanned through!

Each piece is made of 100% recycled rubber and therefor the texture may appear slightly different from the picture.


* Hidden secret pocket
* 3 pockets in total
* RFID blocking pocket
* 100% Vegan :: 100% Recycled Rubber